Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Baby

We had a cat for 11 years who passed away last January.  Fuzzy was a horrible cat.  The equivalent of a grumpy old man but she was also beautiful and we were totally in love with her Fuzzy butt.  Drew has had a horrible time getting over her loss.  Its his first experience with death and her's wasn't a gentle passing.  She started having trouble in the evening and the vet couldn't get us an appointment to have her put down until almost 3 pm the next day.  During that time we spent time loving her and telling her we would miss her but also seeing her in pain and struggling.  A few times a week Drew is in tears because he misses her, despite adding two new kittens to our home who actually like him and want to be loved on.  His healing is coming along slowly but this amazing picture my husband caught lets me know that it is coming along with help from the new babies in the house.  

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