Sunday, October 13, 2013

Outdoor School

Where we live kids in the 5th grade get to go to a camp referred to as an outdoor school for a week with their school.  Hannah gets to go this year and I am a total wreck.  In all fairness I would be a wreck no matter what, however when you add Hannah's special needs into the mix you get one freaked out Mommy.  Thankfully the camp and school is willing to work around her diet so she can attend, but I am so terrified of how her anxiety is going to play out.  We have never sheltered them from sleepovers or camping so she is at least good away from home although she is usually away from home with her grandparents and not in a cabin in the woods.

Hannah also spent last year being bullied by most of these kids so I am worried about the lack of supervision.  I know that she will most likely end up in a cabin with her friends and she is doing so much better in school but the worry will always be there.

I have had some pretty nutty nightmares so far regarding packing disasters, we will see how they evolve the closer we get to her leaving.

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