Wednesday, October 9, 2013

We Are The Murphys

Hi all.  I am reentering the world of Blogging after a 3 year vacation.  I blame Facebook.  However some of my ranting is just to long for Facebook so I decided I want to start blogging again.  My name is Audra and I am a wife and mother of three amazing if not a little cracked eggs.  I suffer from depression and have for probably my entire life but wasn't diagnosed until I had kids.  I have been living with the knowledge for 10 years now.

My husband Dave works in the computer field but beyond that I have zero clue what it is he does.  I know that I am not allowed to say he fixes computers.  We met online in a game called Ultima Online in 1998 and married in 2001.  It worked out great for us at a time when people thought I had lost my damn mind for dating someone I met online.

My oldest daughter Hannah was born in 2003.  When I had Hannah I was not prepared for what I was in for.  From birth Hannah was a difficult child, although I refused to see it.  After years of gentle guiding I finally had Hannah tested and discovered that she had ADHD.  It was like my world crashed down around me.  It was later discovered that she suffers from ADHD, OCD, Anxiety and something that in the UK they call Selective Eating Disorder and here in the good ole USofA we are in total denial of its existence.

We added to our family in 2005 with my beautiful son Andrew, also known as Doobie.  Doobie was the polar opposite of Hannah.  He was the most mild mannered sweet child I had ever met and was a relief that was after all our struggles with his sister.  Imagine my surprise when in 2009 it was like a switch was flipped and my sweeter then life angelic little boy turned into Dennis the Menace.  He went from being the kid everyone loved to the kid no one wanted to see coming.  It was heartbreaking and confusing and in 2011 led to him receiving an ADHD diagnosis, along with anxiety and sensory issues.

In 2009 we had our last but not even a little least child Olivia.  Olivia is at the best of times a wild card.  She was also a very mild mannered but opinionated baby.  Everyone loves this girl and she is well aware of this.  She has been worshiped since birth and it shows, Hannah once asked why Olivia thought she was a princess and the best answer was because Hannah taught her that she was.  Her and Andrew would build literal baby thrones for her to sit on while they catered to her every whim.  Olivia is curious and smart and shows this by constantly destroying her surroundings.  While most people would assume out of my three that she is the one with some behavior disorders she is my only neurotypical child.  She simply has the need to understand everything by destroying it.

This is my family in a nutshell and this is my blog.  I hope you like it.

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